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Bramcote Hills Primary School

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The BHPS Computing Curriculum

At BHPS we provide children with a challenging and engaging computing curriculum by offering discrete lessons and integrating computing and ICT across the curriculum. By the end of Key Stage 2, we want our children to use ICT purposefully, creatively and with discernment.  We want to equip them with the skills required to live and work in a digital age and be active participants in a digital world. We motivate and enthuse pupils by integrating computing through cross-curricular themes, creating deep links with mathematics, science, geography and art. We enable them to develop an understanding of how computers and computer systems (both real and artificial) work and how they are designed and programmed. They develop skills in using increasingly sophisticated hardware and software to manipulate information in the process of problem solving, communicating, recording and expressive work. Above all, we promote the safe and purposeful use of technology.

Our computing curriculum is designed to allow children time to think, discuss, practise, explore and embed. This allows time for teaching, practice and repetition – both in a year group and across both key stages. Curriculum coverage is mapped out carefully from EYFS to Year 6 which allows some key concepts to be developed at a deeper level of learning, understanding and mastery. Fundamental knowledge and skills are covered at key points throughout the primary phase and repeated to allow pupils to build on what has been taught before. These are highlighted in green in the Curriculum Depth Map below.