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Electronic Goggles Form

It is the recommendation of the Education Committee that children should not wear goggles during school swimming lessons for the following reasons:

1. Goggles are not considered necessary for school swimming.

2. The risk of an impact injury to the eyeball, this mainly arises from the incorrect putting on and removal of the goggles, especially with wet fingers.

3. The school swimming programme aims to teach children to swim in order to maximise their safety in water. If a child is in a dangerous situation in water and is not wearing goggles, and they are only used to swimming when wearing goggles this can create an added difficulty.

4. Some goggles are only suitable for competition swimming, diving and sub-aqua work.

5. Goggles often do not prevent pool water from coming into contact with the eyes, particularly if poorly fitted.

If you sign this form then your child will be allowed to wear swimming goggles during school swimming lessons. The only request we make is that you ensure that you have read and understood the manufacturer's advice concerning the use and maintenance of goggles, and that you have explained the advice to your child(ren). In particular, ensure you have covered warnings on eye safety. For example:

"Use care in adjusting and removing all swim goggles especially when wet. Do not use goggles if skin is broken. Discontinue use immediately if irritation arises..

DO NOT dive into water wearing goggles without proper instruction.
DO NOT swim underwater below 2 metres.
DO NOT pull them away from your face - they can spring back and hurt eyes.

Take hold of the eye pieces and lift them gently up onto your forehead and push them over the top of your head".

I, the parent/carer hereby confirm that I wish my son/daughter to wear goggles/glasses during school swimming lessons and at the schools' gala. I have read and understood the Schools' Swimming Services recommendation and have explained the advice to my son/daughter. I will not undertake to pursue the council for any loss or damage to my child as a direct result of wearing goggles during the Schools' Swimming sessions.


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