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Five things I have noticed this week...

HT's Blog 05/12 21

Five things I have noticed this week …

  1. The ‘hidden curriculum’ is so important. Children learn so much from preparing for a show. The discipline of learning lines, speaking at the right time, following instructions, putting on their own costume and considering the audience are all such important learning opportunities. We have missed this during the pandemic.
  2. It is so wonderful to see children who are genuinely anxious about being part of a production, making the effort to overcome their nerves and take part. It brings a tear to the eye of even a 54-year-old HT.
  3. Our Yr 6 group are fantastic. They were such a thoughtful and patient audience when watching the Yr 2 nativity. It was so nice to have this type of activity in school again – all from a safe distance.
  4. We have lots to offer other schools. Members of our staff team have been asked to lead training for other schools as they prepare for OfSTED inspections.
  5. Our staff team have benefited from Miss Raithby’s leadership in Art. We conducted staff training in Art and even teachers who have been in the profession for years gained knowledge from Miss Raithby in this, her area of expertise. This will greatly enhance our provision in this area.


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