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Lost Weeks, OfSTED Report & SBM

HT's Blog 28th Nov 2021

Lost Weeks

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and, for the first time in a long time, I needed to close my, normally open, office door explaining that I was buried under paperwork and should only be disturbed in an emergency. The truth is that the OfSTED inspection, having Covid and dealing with an emergency makes me feel that I lost about four weeks. Now I’m on a massive catch-up mission that is very gradually being achieved. Of course, the work that normally gets done in October doesn’t just go away and there is only so much that can be delegated to a fantastic team that are already working at full capacity.

OfSTED Report

It was nice to be finally able to publish our tremendous OfSTED report. It was also great to get so many messages of congratulations from parents and colleagues from other schools. I was delighted that so many people could understand that moving from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Good’ is not a decline in light of the demands of the current inspection framework. I’m now enjoying to doing the job for the sake of doing it well for the children. We will always be accountable and that is quite correct but it is a welcome change to be able to enjoy working hard with the thought of that imminent call from OfSTED.


Amidst the blur of the last few weeks, our new School Business Manager, Chris Brammal, has started working at BHPS. What an addition he is going to be to our team! Although he has been completely thrown in at the deep end, he is already having a dramatic input into the running of school, for which I am very grateful. It may not be obvious how important the SBM role is to a school. When done well, it can have massive positive effect on a school. The future is looking good for us.


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