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Head Teacher's Blog 2nd October 2021

I have enjoyed seeing our curriculum plan being revitalised as some of the restrictions over teaching methods have been lifted this Autumn. We devised our SPARK curriculum so carefully just prior to the pandemic and we are now embedding, often with new staff, so many of the principles we constructed.

SPARK is our own way of teaching the National Curriculum and represents a curriculum plan that focuses on being:

S – Stimulating

P – Purposeful

A – Aspirational

R – Relevant

K – Knowledge based

This week we have focussed on being aspirational and relevant by hosting a number of parents who have talked to the children about their jobs. We are encouraging the children to be positive about the future (especially in light of the hardships encountered during the pandemic) and to think about what they could set as future goals. We’ve enjoyed many valuable and thoughtful discussions.

I have also seen stimulating activities in the form of pig heart dissections in year 6 and orangutan invasions in year 5 (a pre-curser to work on palm-oil) which have really grabbed the children’s attention and engaged them in their learning. They will remember these activities for a long time. I love to see our curriculum plan and pedagogy coming to life.


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