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26th Sept 2021

As I reflect back on another extremely varied week, I continue to take great pleasure in the simple things that have restarted as we enjoy a time of fewer restrictions.

It has been lovely to see the emphasis on reading being so prevalent around school. This week, I read the start of a story to some children – they knew the score – they knew that when I stopped, the book would be offered out for someone to enjoy. The hands shot up and a new temporary home for the book was quickly found.

I picked up a very kind donation of sports equipment from a parent this week and, while I was there, his son brought his reading book to show me. Fantastic.

Towards the end of the week, I ran an extra-curricular sports club for years 3 and 4. I know I shouldn’t really be doing this because my other work doesn’t just go away – I’m making my day longer by an hour. However, it’s so good to connect with children again and promote the value and enjoyment of sport. I’ve done this throughout my career. For all the plans, evaluations and reports I write, I still take great pleasure from the basics of a good education.


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