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The Little Things are Important

10th September 2021

At the end of a hectic week, I reflect on many positives. We have adapted a small number of our Covid control measures as we settle into the new year. I talk to many Head Teachers from other schools and am aware that some have already had to contend with outbreaks in some classes.


My enjoyment of starting the new school year continues and I have to say that it has been lovely to see the children trying so hard to get things right. They are out of practice with how school operates in a world without bubbles and so we are providing many reminders about this. We are focussing on the little things such as the simple ways of showing good manners – not because the children don’t have good manners – but because they are not used to operating with so many other people around. We have been talking about saying please and thank you, holding a door for others, saying good morning/afternoon, asking after someone else’s well-being and using knives and forks when eating a school dinner. It’s amazing, if we can get these small things right in school, it automatically sets the standard high for other aspects of behaviour. So far, the children have responded extremely well.


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