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A great start to Book Day

This week has been absolutely hectic. We are in the process of recruiting new staff which is always really enjoyable – it’s one of the most important things I do – but is also very time consuming. I seem to have been bouncing from one meeting to another which is fine but then I lose some of the day to day contact with children which is still an aspect of the job I try to prioritise.


It was therefore a real delight to have an oasis of calm in the middle of such freneticism to see so many parents come in at the start of book day to read with their children. The classrooms, especially in younger years, were full and the hall and dining room also. There was hardly room to sit down which is a lovely problem to have. Every so often, I get to catch my breath, step back and look at what we achieve and it’s a great feeling. The end of week proved to be more challenging but Thursday morning was a lovely moment.


Book day was slightly different this year and although a few eyebrows were raised when we chose not to promote dressing up, I think we put the ‘book’ back into ‘book day’. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the debate Yr 6 were having about the rights and wrongs of the Little Red Riding Hood story. A good challenge for them.


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