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Positive Events

A couple of things that made me smile ... and one that didn't

Every so often, things happen in school that give me enormous satisfaction. Earlier this week I was holding assembly and a pupil with a number of complex needs put their hand up. Previously, keeping them engaged in assembly has been a challenge and they have needed support to be involved. This week, they had the confidence to put their hand up with independence and answer a question. Wonderful!


In addition, I have had two Yr 6 girls come to me, very concerned about the fires in Australia and their impact on the wiildlife there. They want to organise some fundraising to help improve the situation. I took this to the whole school to have a ‘referendum’ on the matter, we all voted and have decided to proceed. I love this sort of discussion that can be developed by the children’s interest and the opportunity to show them a democratic process.


On an unrelated matter, as a committed Luton Town supporter, I thought I had escaped without too much teasing after last weekend’s defeat at the hands of Nottingham Forest. Let’s just say that Yr 6 made up for it today.


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