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Christmas is Coming

Christmas in a Primary School

I always enjoy the run up to the Christmas holidays. Even though staff and pupils are often tired and there are normally a few bugs causing coughs and colds, I always savour the moments that we have. This year has been no exception and the joy of the nativities and carol concerts is just wonderful. There is always a moment or two that ‘get me’. Children singing, their excitement, their enthusiasm, their mistakes and the look on parents’ faces as they watch the nativities are all worth their weight in gold. It is times like these which remind me what a crucial part we play in the local community. When the whole country has been engrossed in the general election – and yes, I stayed up to watch the results come in - , it is also lovely just to be a part of the simple things in school and share these with the children.

I’m also crucially aware that some families don’t celebrate Christmas and enjoy the respectful culture that we have in school.


Happy days.


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