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New Parents and DARE

New Parents and DARE


Another very busy week came to a close on Friday and I am left catching my breath. Preparations for the end of term gather pace at this time of year and teachers are all working flat out to get ready for theatre visits, nativities, carol concerts and parties. We are also keen though that lessons continue to the end of term. There is room for celebrations and continued learning – every day matters!


One deadline that is creeping up on us in early January is the deadline for applications for new school places for September 2020. I have been spending a huge amount of time showing parents around the school and giving them a very honest assessment of what we do well and what we are seeking to improve. I actually enjoy this. I’m very proud of BHPS and welcome the dialogues I have with new parents. They ask some great questions sometimes and I enjoy leading them around school in small groups so that I can get to know them well, giving them the time to find out what they want to know.


At the end of the week, we held our DARE (Drug Awareness and Resistance Education) graduation for year 6 pupils. I was so impressed by some of their reports that they shared with us all. They have developed a keen understanding of the risks posed by drugs, addiction, peer pressure and knife crime. On the one hand, I always think it’s a little sad that they have to be talking about these things and their age, however, I always believe it is absolutely crucial that we prepare them fully for the outside world. Their real graduation, of course, will come when they navigate themselves successfully through the real life challenges that await. I am confident that they have had a really good start in this area and we are building some firm foundations of good moral values for them. The children have been excellent.


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