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The Rickshaw Challenge and Cultural Capital

An exciting opportunity

Every year we like to support the Children in Need appeal. Sometimes we do a lot and sometimes we do a little. This year, we were presented with the opportunity of seeing the Rickshaw Challenge coming very close to the school. Logistically, this presented a variety of challenges and questions.

Is it safe to stand the children on the side of A 52?

Is it worth missing lesson time for?

What do the children get out of it?

What time will Matt Baker come?

What will be the impact on our 5 lunchtime sittings and therefore can we get all the children to see it?

Will the weather be suitable?

As you can imagine, some of those questions were beyond our control and we wouldn’t even be certain about timings until, literally, the very last minute.

In the end, we managed to take 330 of our pupils to Bramcote Park (which was much safer) to see Matt Baker and his team go past and give them all our support. The young person riding the rickshaw, Emma, formed the basis of one of my subsequent two assemblies about Children in Need. The children were very engaged with these assemblies because they had been part of the event. Many of our children are fortunate enough to come from homes where they are well supported and therefore we seek to build on this by emphasising the need to support those who are less fortunate. I finished both assemblies with the question, ‘Why do we support Children in Need?’ – to which the answer was ‘…because we are good people and we want to make the future better for all’.



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