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A positive AGM for our PTA

As we approach the end of September, I have enjoyed a mixed week. I don’t think I’ve had a day off work due to illness for about 20 years but this was severely tested at the beginning of the week when I was attacked by the ‘lurgy’. Tuesday was particularly challenging and despite operating at about 50% I managed to make it through the day. I’m glad that I’m almost back to normal now.


On Thursday we held the AGM of our PTA. It was great to see such a fantastic attendance at this. The installation of new playground gym equipment is now imminent and it is wonderful that the PTA have funded over £10k (50%) of the funds for this project. They also donated over £800 to pay for the installations costs of the community defibrillator. I’m really grateful for their support. They don’t pay for the basics at school like pencils, books and staffing – this comes from the main school budget. They pay for the lovely extras that, otherwise, we would struggle to pay for e.g. play equipment, stage lighting, mud kitchens, yearbooks etc. This all helps to make school a vibrant and more exciting place for the children.


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