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Foundation, Yrs 5&6 and OfSTED

Reflections on the first full week of term

The first full week of term has come and gone and, as ever, there is always something to think about. Our new Foundation intake have done very well and have started to settle. I take my hat off to our Foundation team who have worked so hard to meet the wide variety of needs of a group of children who come from over 20 different pre-school settings. Already, there is a very positive atmosphere in the Foundation unit and I have loved meeting so many of our new pupils.


I have also been most impressed with the attitude of the children in years 5 and 6 and I have told them so too. Their conduct around school, manners and approach to work has been very good so far.


Nationally, we have also been greeted with the news that there are plans to change the law about outstanding schools being exempt from OfSTED inspections. Believe it or not, and as testing as inspections can be (I’ve enjoyed 6!), I welcome this development. I believe it should be a constructive experience to host an OfSTED team and don’t think it helps a school to be left alone for too long. The change will require an act of parliament and, given that parliament is a little busy at the moment, this will take a little time. Nevertheless, we will continue to work hard to move BHPS forward and those parents and carers who attended our ‘Meet the Team’ event will have heard me speak about our new Teaching and Learning Policy and Curriculum Plan. There are exciting times ahead.


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