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Diversity Day

A Celebration of Culture

On Friday 8th June, we held a ‘Diversity Day’. We have held these in the past but I don’t ever remember such a richness of colour and variety before.

Children took part on workshops of either Samba Dancing or Worldwide Percussion, both of which were extremely successful.

The smiles in the Samba dancing were there for all to see and even the most self-conscious lost their inhibitions as they joined in under the guidance of our trained visitor. Similarly, the smiles and rhythms created in the drumming workshop were only matched by one thing – the noise! Wonderful.

The children all contributed to their class ‘Buddy Bears’ which represented their cultural heritage in artistic form. All these were shared in our final assembly when we also explored some of the homework activities. These were truly inspiring and we revelled in the variety of cultural backgrounds we have in the school, including the traditionally UK based heritage.

I spoke to all the children how this supports the British Values of equality and tolerance and reminded them of our Children’s Charter which includes the statement:

Learning to respect

  • Learning to respect myself and others and love the fact that we are all different

I tell the children that I want them to grow up to be the type of people who love the fact that we are all different; that life would be very dull indeed if we are all the same and that they should challenge inequality whenever possible.

A truly wonderful day!


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