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Bramcote Hills Primary School

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Peer Review

This week we took part in a 'Peer Review'

It is very important for schools to be aware of their own particular strengths and areas for development. We constantly review what we do, ask ourselves challenging questions and seek to improve further. This week, we engaged with a process called ‘Peer Review’ when two local Head Teachers and an independent Lead Reviewer worked alongside myself and Miss Prodger to carry out a review of the school’s performance in key areas. This proved to be a positive and constructive process. The outcomes are purely for internal use and are not designed to be published. I would say, however, that the team confirmed the priorities already identified by the school and the steps that we are taking. For me, the process of something like this is so important. I believe in being open and honest. Whilst I am fiercely proud of the many many strengths of the school, I am also not afraid to identify what we can improve. This work has come about because we are part of a local collaboration of schools and we volunteered to be a pilot for the Local Authority. Ultimately, of course, the result of such work is to continue to improve the quality of what we offer. I applaud the staff for engaging in the process.


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