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Bramcote Hills Primary School

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Diversity Day

A Marvellous Day.

Well the day to day life of a primary school is certainly varied! Whilst some year groups prepare for SATs, the whole school took time out from their normal timetable to take part in a wide range of activities on Diversity/Red Nose day. We talked about how we all have a range of different talents and how we are not the same. Our children's charter focusses on 'Learning to Respect' others and 'loving the fact that we are all different.' In a difficult week for the country, I discussed with Years 5 & 6 how, by celebrating diversity, they can grow up to make the world a better place. We considered the needs of others in light of Red Nose Day and our brilliant Year 6 did a marvellous job of organising a selection of activities that helped to raise money and 'earn' miles to transport DJ Boogie to Africa. Thank you to Year 6 staff and children - and all the children who took part. Well done!


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