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Bramcote Hills Primary School

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Head Teacher's Blog

Welcome to our website and the Head Teacher’s blog.

Through our website, we aim to provide you with lots of information about school and celebrate all of the things that happen at Bramcote Hills Primary School on a daily, weekly and termly basis.

The school is a busy place and we are proud of the many different activities that are available. We are continually looking for effective ways of fostering good communication between home and school and greatly value our super parental support. We hope that this website helps to provide you with the information you require about the school.

Please return to these pages often as they fill with new information.

The Head Teacher’s blog will provide a glimpse into the running of our successful school, the policies, the philosophies, the successes, the frustrations and those funny moments that happen frequently in primary education.

Pete Taylor,
Head Teacher


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  • Coronavirus

    Published 16/03/20, by Pete Taylor
    Coronavirus I have been a Head Teacher for 16 years and faced many challenges along the way. Rarely have I ever experienced anything like the escalation of the coronavirus that we have witnessed in the last few days. Unlike other events such as bi
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  • Book Day Support

    Published 07/03/20, by Pete Taylor

    A great start to Book Day

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  • Callenging Times

    Published 01/03/20, by Pete Taylor


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  • Positive Events

    Published 24/01/20, by Pete Taylor

    A couple of things that made me smile ... and one that didn't

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  • HR Law and Basketball

    Published 17/01/20, by Pete Taylor

    From One Extreme to Another

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  • Planning Ahead

    Published 11/01/20, by Pete Taylor

    A busy start to term

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  • A New Year and a Fresh Challenge

    Published 05/01/20, by Pete Taylor

    This January will be a little different

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  • Christmas is Coming

    Published 15/12/19, by Pete Taylor

    Christmas in a Primary School

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  • New Parents and DARE

    Published 08/12/19, by Pete Taylor

    New Parents and DARE

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  • Welcome to December 19

    Published 01/12/19, by Pete Taylor

    A very busy time of year

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  • Christmas Fair 2019

    Published 24/11/19, by Pete Taylor

    Christmas Fair 2019

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  • The Rickshaw Challenge and Cultural Capital

    Published 16/11/19, by Pete Taylor

    An exciting opportunity

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